Tutorials are currently being updated to show the new user interface.

Tips & Tricks Series | Getting Started

Tips & Tricks Series | Getting Started
1:11:21 h – An hour long webinar teaching you how to upload a model, add lights, add materials and produce your first render.

Manipulating Meshes [Old UI]

Manipulating Meshes
3:41 mins – Learn how to move, rotate, scale, copy, paste and hide an object in Lagoa.

Applying Materials to Meshes [Old UI]

Applying Materials to Meshes
3:22 mins – Learn different ways to apply materials to meshes in Lagoa.

Create a Render in Two Minutes [Old UI]

Create a Render in Two Minutes
2:56 mins – Learn how to create a photorealistic render in Lagoa in only 2 minutes.

Sun & Sky Lighting [Old UI]

Sun & Sky Lighting
2:10 mins – Learn how to use the realistic Sun & Sky lighting feature within Lagoa’s online cloud renderer.

Mesh Lights [Old UI]

Mesh Lights
4:42 mins – Learn how to make any mesh within Lagoa an emitting light source.

Render in the Background [Old UI]

Render in the Background
2:24 mins – A tutorial on how to simultaneously render multiple images while working on a project.

Selection Tools [Old UI]

Selection Tools
2:16 mins – Learn how to optimize your use of the various selection tools in Lagoa 1.5. Both the square and the lasso tools are outlined.

Basic Lighting [Old UI]

Basic Lighting
3:53 mins – A tutorial outlining the basic lighting features available in Lagoa’s cloud based rendering software.

Mixing & Blending Materials [Old UI]

Mixing & Blending Materials
3:20 mins – Step-by-step instructions on how to mix and blend materials using Lagoa 1.5. He also outlines the differences between the two features.