Copy Ctrl + c
Cut Ctrl + x
Paste Ctrl + v
Redo Ctrl + y
Undo Ctrl + z
Delete Selection PC: Delete Mac: Fn + Delete


Render & Save

Save Scene Ctrl + s
Render in the Background Ctrl + b



New Group Ctrl + g


Camera Controls

Dolly d Alt + Middle Mouse Click
Orbit o Alt + Left Mouse Click
Pan p Alt + Right Mouse Click
Zoom z
Reset Viewport/Camera Ctrl + Shift + r


Linear Transformation tools

Move w
Rotate e
Scale r


Selection System

Enter Select Mode Space Bar
Add to Selection Hold Shift Button + Left Click Mesh
Remove from Selection Ctrl + Left Click Mesh
Select All Ctrl + a
Unselect All Ctrl + d
Frame Selection f
Frame All a
Extend to Sub-Faces Hold ‘Alt’ + Left Click Mesh
Face Selection Mode (CAD models only) g



Hide/Unhide Selection h



Undo Viewport Navigation (Not Main Camera) Alt + z
Redo Viewport Navigation (Not Main Camera) Alt + y