1.0 Introduction

1.1 API Overview

Make an application using our cloud backend.

Create the next big app, game or interactive tool powered by fast MultiOptics technology, our Application framework and Server side APIs.

Our cloud backend was designed specifically for graphics and performance; by using it, you will save the time setting up or building a cloud backend for graphics-intensive tasks. Our API allows you to focus on what matters.

  • Build your own app with your own UI
  • Use our Application Framework to interact with our CORE through the specific APIs we offer
  • Distribute the app anywhere on the web

We take care of serving the assets and scenes as fast as we can, so that you can focus on making an awesome app and the content that goes with it.


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1.2 API Features

Platform APIs

Geometry and Image Transcoding API Supports over 20 file formats.  And we are adding more every day.
Asset Manager API Input for more than 20 formats, images, geometry, scenes, etc.
Geometry and Image Thumbnailing API  Automatically generate thumbnails for 3D content.
User Authentication API Use Lagoa’s authentication for your content creation apps.
Versioning API Lagoa automatically generates versions for your assets.
Application API The Lagoa Application API has all the components requirement for compelling 3D apps in the browser.
Collaboration API Use our collaboration API to create real-time collaboration applications across multiple device types.
Real-time Persistence API Create an app that saves work as it happens and that never loses changes.
MultiOptics® Interactive Rendering API Get production quality outputs for your 3D applications.


Application Frameworks and APIs

Operator Graph API

Design real-time operators that can be bound to anything in a scenes.

Scene Management API

Access contents of a scene (lights, cameras, geometries, meshes, etc) as well as their properties.

Front-end Real-time Collaboration APIs

Real-time collaboration backend between users in a session.

Command API

Write commands, bind to scenes and UI elements.

Property and Parametrization API

Properties and parametrization of objects, communication and runtime objects.

Viewport and Layout Management API

Write your own UI elements and panels that expose specific functionality for your scene.

Geometry Parsing, Data persistency

For geometry, hair, lines, etc…



MultiOptics® Rendering Technology

Physically Based Materials, Cameras and Lights

Auto Framing of 3D Geometry in the Field of View

Intelligent Content-aware Camera Positioning

Geometry Compression

Lossy/Lossless Geometric Compression

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